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            tree surgery services

            A Quick guide to our
            Tree Surgery Services

              ? Formative pruning
              ? Crown reduction
              ? Crown thinning
              ? Tree inspections
              ? Woodland management
              ? Estate Management
              ? Hedges topped & trimmed
              ? Tree stump removal
              ? Pest & disease identification
              ? Weed and pest control
              ? Site clearance
              ? Planting
              ? Timber extraction
              ? Full garden landscaping

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            get a quote on our tree surgery, landscaping or fencing services now
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            We have a range of sales at JL Contracts. Find out all the details below.:

            High quality woodchip available at our yard all year round. Suitable for garden beds, play areas and equestrian use. Ex-yard or delivered. 1m3 will cover an area of 10 square metres at recommended depth of 10cm.
            £20 per cubic metre

            We stock and sell seasoned firewood at the best prices around. Available in bulk by the cubic metre not by weight.....timber weighs substantially less or more depending on how well seasoned it is.
            £50 per M3 (softwood) or ?70 per M3 (hardwood)

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            Tree surgery services from JL contracts landscaping services provided by JL contracts fencing, estate and garden maintenance services from JL contracts
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            get a quote on our tree surgery, landscaping or fencing services now
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            landscaping & fencing

            A Quick guide to our
            landscaping Services

              ? Patios
              ? Paths
              ? Ponds
              ? Driveways
              ? Walls
              ? Rockeries
              ? Gravel works
              ? Soil preparation
              ? Planting
              ? Lawn care

            A Quick guide to our Fencing Services

              ? Chain Link fence
              ? Trellis fence
              ? Post & Chain fence
              ? Closeboard fence
              ? Panel fencing
              ? Interlap fencing
              ? Picket fence
              ? Post and Rail fence
              ? Security fencing
              ? Decking

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            fencing services...


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