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            tree surgery services

            A Quick guide to our
            Tree Surgery Services

              ? Formative pruning
              ? Crown reduction
              ? Crown thinning
              ? Tree inspections
              ? Woodland management
              ? Estate Management
              ? Hedges topped & trimmed
              ? Tree stump removal
              ? Pest & disease identification
              ? Weed and pest control
              ? Site clearance
              ? Planting
              ? Timber extraction
              ? Full garden landscaping

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            tree surgeon services...


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            get a quote on our tree surgery, landscaping or fencing services now
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            image of certification for tree surgeon WHY CHOOSE JL CONTRACTS? LEARN MORE ABOUT JL CONTRACTS work and why you should choose us.
            photos of jl contracts at work in tree surgery, landscaping and fencing.

            JL Contracts, Tree Specialists based in Limavady, Northern Ireland, has been set up as a business and has gained a reputation to offer you the highest standards of customer satisfaction, working in a professional and efficient manner, with safety in mind at all times.? In order to achieve this:

            • We only use NPTC fully qualified and experienced staff

            • We are approved members of the International Society of Arboriculture

            • Work is done in accordance with Industry British Standards BS3998: Recommendations for Tree Work and Industry British Standards 4428: Code of Practice for General Landscape Operations

            • We conform to the Heath and Safety at Work Act 1974

            • We are fully insured

            • The worksite is always left in a very clean and respectable manner

            • High investments are put into machinery and equipment which are also regularly maintained to ensure high reliability and the best results for your job

            • We aim to be courteous to you and your neighbours at all times

            • Every possible measure is taken to protect and care for your property

            • Environmentally aware in all aspects of our work
            Services from JL Contracts
            Tree surgery services from JL contracts landscaping services provided by JL contracts fencing, estate and garden maintenance services from JL contracts
            Learn more about JL Contracts Tree Surgery Services Learn more about JL Contracts landscaping Services Learn more about JL Contracts fencing Services
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            client testimonials
            get a quote on our tree surgery, landscaping or fencing services now
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            landscaping & fencing

            A Quick guide to our
            landscaping Services

              ? Patios
              ? Paths
              ? Ponds
              ? Driveways
              ? Walls
              ? Rockeries
              ? Gravel works
              ? Soil preparation
              ? Planting
              ? Lawn care

            A Quick guide to our Fencing Services

              ? Chain Link fence
              ? Trellis fence
              ? Post & Chain fence
              ? Closeboard fence
              ? Panel fencing
              ? Interlap fencing
              ? Picket fence
              ? Post and Rail fence
              ? Security fencing
              ? Decking

            learn more about our
            fencing services...


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